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Place Exploration:

October 24, 2011

The Mobile Institute

Place Exploration

Cylinders Estate September 2011

Natasha, Olga and Fiona on a workshop lead by Bram Thomas Arnold. Just north of the Cylinders Estate.


 Claiming the space.

Upon arrival The Mobile Institute spent time at Toc-H setting the scene for four intensive days of place-based workshops with artists from the London based network POST.

Object Introductions.

The group were asked to introduce themselves and something of their practice through an object they had brought with them. Above Bram introduces himself through 3 postcards he wrote but failed to send on a recent trip to Venice.

Discussing the week in the Shippon Gallery.

After a walking tour of the estate the group discuss ideas for the week, expectations and possibilities.

Above Olga and Fiona explore notions of trust in collaborative activity through an exercise based on touch lead by Penny Skerrett.

 Fiona, contemplative during a workshop led by Penny.


The group discusses a recent intervention in the landscape.

Tea, laptop and projector; vital preparations for an evening of presentations on Monday 25th September.

Jenny discusses some recent work of hers and her ongoing search for the truth of things through arts practice.

High on the Langdale Pikes amidst breaking cloud, the group try not to get lost on a walk lead by Bram.

Back at Toc-H the group explore relationships amongst themselves through a process called Object Relations, this image is taken early on during an hour long session.

The scene evolves as time goes by, individuals take the stage one at a time to affect a change on the scene before them, here Penny navigates her way through walking boots placed by Eleanor Wynne Davis.


The following day El leads a workshop on listening, This photograph above was taken via just listening to a sound and trying to locate it as was the following shot of Olga playing a mangle. The group were performing an orchestrated response to the pool on the estate.

Olga plays the mangle.

Below are two images taken from Reading a place. Each was asked to find a place they thought suitable for reading and then, at random pick a page from their chosen book and attempt to divine any unexpected confluence between the two.

Collage. 6 copies of The Westmoreland Gazette, 6 pieces of paper, 6 knives, 6 cans of spray mount.

One outcome:

All photographs © 2011 Bram Thomas Arnold.

On the final afternoon, in the wake of their collage making, that was also an introduction to the local news and issues – an alternative take on place –  POST artists give feedback on the week as they attempt to collectively piece together what just happened in a game of “And then we….”

The weather was amazing this time, the accommodation and facilites available at Toc-H brilliantly suited our needs. And though we were this time unable to produce any Damson Jam, the 2011 vintage Sloe Gin should be in a consumable state come the turning of the years.

Bram Thomas Arnold.

The Mobile Institute.

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