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The Mobile Institute is founded on its eclectic interests and interdisciplinary approach to creative intervention. This is a rolling archive of books that hold significance for us, personally or as a collective group, we will perpetually update this page as things come to us.

This list was commenced on a recent residency at the Cylinders Estate, in the Lake District. A residency made possible by the Littoral Arts Trust.

Bauman. Zygmunt, 2006. Liquid Life. Polity Press; Malden MA, USA.

Bieder. Robert. E, 2005. Bear. Reaktion Books Ltd; London.

Blake. William, 2007. Poems. Selected by Patti Smith. Vintage; London.

Clare. Horatio, 2009. A Single Swallow. Chatto & Windus; London.

Du Maurier. Daphne, 2004. Rebecca. Virago; London.

Du Maurier. Daphne, 2006. The Scapegoat. Virago; London.
Forey. Pamela, 1990. Letts Pocket Guide to Trees. Malcolm Saunders Publishing Ltd; London.

Harmon. Katherine, 2004. You Are Here. Princeton Architectural Press; New York.

Heaney. Seamus, & Hughes. Ted, 1982. The Rattle Bag. Faber & Faber; London.

Jamie. Kathleen, 2005. Findings. Sort Of Books; London.

Long. Richard, 2009. Heaven and Earth. Tate Publishing; London.

Long. William, J, 1901. Beasts of the Field. Ginn & Company Publishers; Boston & London.

Mabey. Richard, 2006. Nature Cure. Pimlico; London.

Macfarlane. Robert, 2004. Mountains of the Mind. Granta; London.

Macfarlane. Robert, 2008. The Wild Places. Granta; London.

Maitland. Sara, 2008. A Book of Silence. Granta; London.

Mitchell. Edwin, Valentine, (Ed) 1979. The Pleasures of Walking. The Vanguard Press; New York.

Ordnance Survey. 2008. The English Lakes, OL 7. Ordnance Survey; Southampton.

Reich. Steve, 2002. Writings on Music 1965 – 2000. Oxford University Press; Oxford.

Sebald. W. G, 2002. The Rings of Saturn. Vintage; London.

Simon. Kate, 1969. London: Places & Pleasures. MacGibbon & Kee Ltd; London.

Solnit. Rebecca, 2005. A Field Guide to Getting Lost. Canongate Books Ltd; Edinburgh.

Sterry. Paul, 1997. Complete British Wildlife. Collins; London.

Surowiecki. James, 2004. The Wisdom of Crowds. Abacus; London.

Wallace. Doreen, 1948. English Lakeland. B. T. Batsford Ltd; London.



Here is always somewhere else: The Disappearance of Bas Jan Ader.

Dir. Rene Daadler, 103 minutes. Including Bas Jan Ader’s series of short films from the 1970’s. 2008. Bas Jan Ader was an artist whose influence stretched seemingly beyond his scope, his small ouvre of films, stills, and other works have flourished in time since the artist disappeared at sea undertaking a work called In Search of the Miraculous. This intriguing and rarely seen film is a romantic musing on one of the most romantic of conceptual artists.


Robinson In Ruins.

Dir. Patrick Keiller. Narrated by Vanessa Redgrave. 2010. The third Robinson film from Keiller follows his fictional character into the decaying byways of England, the agricultural and historical ventures of a man we never see flail wildly with our perceptions of place.


Encounters At The End Of The World.

Dir. Werner Herzog. 2007. Herzog ventures to the Antartic to spend time documenting the lives of those who live and work in an isolated and frozen world.



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