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The Mobile Institute is made up of Bram Thomas Arnold, Eleanor Wynne Davis and Penny Skerrett. They are diversely spread throughout the UK between London, Bath and Manchester.

Individual biographies –

Bram Thomas Arnold.

Bram Thomas Arnold

Bram Thomas Arnold was born in Switzerland in 1982. After studying at Oxford Bram went on to undertake the worlds first MA in Arts & Ecology at Dartington College of Arts. His multidisciplinary works seek to explore notions of interpretation and misinterpretation, the problems of translations of experience between individuals, disciplines and societies in an ever more global world. Seeking out the subtlety of the poetic gesture he dreams of a more Romantic disposition and considered approach to perception and existence.

He has taught on the MA program at Dartington, written for the and is co-founder of the interdisciplinary arts group The Mobile Institute. Selected exhibitions include; Walking Home. Shed & a Half Gallery, London, 2009. LiveArt Falmouth. Falmouth, 2008; Conflux Festival of Psychogeography, New York, USA, 2008; Cinderella Hills, CCANW, Exeter, 2008; The Ecology of Language, Dartington, Devon 2007; Climate of Change, ACS studios, London, 2007; ‘LOS ARTISTAS UNIDOS JAMAS SERAN VENCIDOS’ Dartington 2007; Alytus Biennial, Alytus Lithuania 2007; Open Season’ Deptford X, London, 2005; Brookes at MAO, Oxford 2003. Bram currently lives and works between places.

More information can be found at and the forthcoming website

Eleanor Wynne Davis

Eleanor Wynne Davis is an artist and musician with a broad range of experience both nationally and internationally in community based projects. She has specialised in music, environmental projects and overseas development, working extensively with hard to reach communities.

Eleanor is interested in the power of actions. Her interest in how the hidden affects the seen makes her look for ways of bringing these connections into the open. She seeks to create situations in which people can engage with new or unfamiliar ideas.

Davis has played violin to gorillas, set up walk-in cages as gallery installation, made films of pipes, re-landscaped school play grounds, got people out walking, writing books, making speeches, worked with young kids, excluded from school kids, old folks, teenage mums and dads, the council, schools, the police, other artists and musicians.

She also works as one half of Davis & Jones, who have a number of high profile public art commissions with the NHS and Bristol City Council.


Penny Skerrett

Penny is an artist whose practice has moved between the disciplines of performance art, furniture maker, lecturer, activist and curator. She has worked as a curator at the National Media Museum and most recently at the Southbank Centre. In 2007 she met Bram Thomas Arnold and Eleanor Davis whilst studying on the Arts & Ecology MA at Dartington College of Arts and together they formed The Mobile Institute. She is also co-founder of the Agency of the Imagination with artist/curator Eva Bakkeslett.
Her artwork, mainly films and drawing, is motivated by an interest in attention and onto what and where this is focused. The exchange between external environments and that of internal landscapes and an exploration of ‘belonging’ is something that is repeatedly explored through her work.


I am for an art that marvels
That reveals
I treasure seekers
I know that possibility resides in the imagination and that fecundity occurs in
places where differences meet
I seek to clarify and magnify a sense of self and otherness yet I am for a
language of neighbourliness and affection
I am for an art that sees clearly


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